DOP Athletics Baseball Seminar

Guest Speaker: Boston Red Sox Scout

April 19th 3:30 pm

Player s Ages 14-18 

Free Admission

DOP Athletics has help me take my game to a new level. I'm going to play baseball at Judson university and I played at walther Lutheran. It has shown me how to play in a new way. My senior year I had 40+ stolen bases with the help of dop. This is a great way to learn and get at better the game of baseball


Brett Willis    Hillside, IL




DOP Athletics has turned me into a completely different player. I went from barely able to throw, to being able to consistently hit people in the chest from long range. It also helped make my summer team. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get better at the game.


Noah Zinger    Oak Park, IL

DOP Athletics has really helped and improve my game! I played this summer for the Bolingbrook Palomino league and I had a great season. The way my fundamentals were before I came to DOP Athletics were not as good as they were after my sessions. I transferred what I learned in my sessions into the game and I felt like a whole new ball player. THANKS DOP ATHLETICS!


Darrick Gardner Jr.    Plainfied, IL

DOP athletics has really helped my overall game...not only do i hit, field, and run better, but my mentality has gone to... another level. I recently had a showcase and i placed 3rd in the 60 overall and 1st in my class. This would not be possible without the helpful instructors at DOP..I have no doubt that I'm going to have a breakout senior year..THANKS DOP!!!

Jawaune Johnson    Hillside, IL

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